Login And Splash Screen

Scott on 10/5/2017 8:28 PM

Scott on 10/5/2017 8:28 PM


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  1. So it seems like we already have the splash screen for each iOS app right?
  2. Well we need more iOS functionality it seems.  So after the splash screen, lets go to the next screen that looks something like the link below.
  3. Show a charcoal colored background on the app.
  4. Then in the center, show the icon for the app.
  5. Then underneath the icon, show a login button.
  6. This login button then after clicked, takes you to the app login screen that it already goes to when not logged in.
  7. Lets do this for one app for now.  RDNation.  See if it passes.  Then if it doesn't lets try again with the new feedback.
  8. The link below is what I am trying to get at.
  9. http://myapptemplates.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Band-Mate-App-Template-iPhone-iOS7-Screen-12.png

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