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Scott on 7/31/2015 7:44 PM

Scott on 9/28/2015 3:13 AM


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I want to search documents with just the name of the document, rather than a deep search which it is currently.

  1. Login to League
  2. Go to League -> Docs
  3. Use the search bar to search.  The present ability is to deep search the documents.  To search the text within the documents.

Moving Forward.

  1. I want to have a checkbox to the right of the search button that says "Deep Search"
  2. When the checkbox isn't checked, the search is a shallow search of just names.
  3. As I type in a name, the documents list gets larger or smaller depending on the matches I make by typing.  This will only search the names of the documents rather than the text.  This will NOT post back, but rather just use Javascript to filter the names.
  4. When the Deep Search check box is clicked, the person will use the current functionality.
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Scott Tuesday, September 15, 2015 3:57 PM #

Let me make one thing clear.

  1. When a user is doing a shallow search, they do NOT need to touch the search button.
  2. When the user is doing a deep search, they do need to click the search button.

Scott Tuesday, September 15, 2015 3:56 PM #

go ahead and remove the wait time.  I like the idea and its definitely thinking outside the box, but im not worried about small search hits by the database.


Dharmesh Sunday, September 13, 2015 3:05 AM #

I have added waitime only on Key press. It is for improve performance and reduce database call.

If user will more than one character within a second it will hit database call length of word times.

i.e. if user entered 3 charactes within a second, it will hit database call 3 times.

So I have added delay and waittime to wait for 1.5 second and then call the database.

If you don't like it, let me know i will remove it.




Scott Saturday, September 12, 2015 7:16 PM #

why i there a waittime?

Why are we waiting at all?


Scott Wednesday, September 09, 2015 6:11 PM #


  1. When I Search the word "Scott" I receive one response back.
    1. I then click Deep Search checkbox, then click Search.  Nothing happens.  It doesn't post back to the controller at all.
  2. When I refresh the page, I click Deep Search and use "Scott" and then hit the search button, it works again.
    1. When I uncheck the Deep Search button, the search button no longer works.

Scott Thursday, August 20, 2015 9:08 PM #

  1. why did you remove this line?  If this was the error, I need you to fix this line so it doesn't error, rather than remove it.  "aoColumns": [null, null, null, null, null, { "sType": "natural" }, { "sType": "natural" }, null, null],
  2. You have two semi colons after each line in the billing controller.

Scott Saturday, August 15, 2015 6:47 PM #

Yes, there should still be the blue button with he comment icon inside of it.  Just no number next to the icon.

Yep, the error is under attachments.


Dharmesh Friday, August 14, 2015 7:28 PM #

  1. When there are zero comments, there should NOT be a number in the blue comment box.F

            For above point, do you want to display comment box or not when there are zoero comments? If yes, what should I have to display when there are zero comments?

      2  On loading the documents page, I get a jquery error, unknown class name.

           Can yo u please give me more details about above issue? it would be great if you send me screenshot of this issue where it occured.




Scott Wednesday, August 12, 2015 4:01 PM #

when searching.

  1. When there are zero comments, there should NOT be a number in the blue comment box.
  2. When there are comments, the icon and number need a space between them.  They are currently grouped too close to each other.
  3. On loading the documents page, I get a jquery error, unknown class name.
  4. Deep search is not working. I upload a document (.docx or .txt) file and it doesn't even call back to the server.  

Scott Sunday, August 09, 2015 12:00 AM #

  1. Alright, the Deep Search needs to have a tool tip.  Stating  "Search Within the Documents"
  2. When searching the Columns do NOT match up.  Try search for just h, under NON deep search.  The columns are totally wrong.
  3. When NOT deep search, I should not have to click the search button.  Each time I type a letter or remove a letter, the documents list needs to update.
  4. When deep searching, I should have to click the search button.
  5. When NOT deep searching, I type in hh and nothing returns.  When the file named hhh should be displayed.
  6. The checkbox deep search and text needs to have a label around it, so I don't have to just click on the text box.
  7. If I don't have any text in the search textbox, then all the documents for that specific group and folder should show up.

I don't think this is fully working....  When I click on deep search, and search for 33, I get 0 matches back, but when I search for 33 shallow, it returns like it should be deep search.  To make my self clear, Deep Search checked == searching the text of the documents.  Deep Search UnChecked = searching ONLY the names of the documents.



Scott Friday, August 07, 2015 7:49 PM #

Hmmm.  ok, lets stay with this then.  Please be sure to check in one more time.  I couldn't see the update...

We will be adding paging later within Documents, so I think im alright with it hitting the server.


Dharmesh Friday, August 07, 2015 2:34 AM #

I have done it using Javascript at that time. It goes to server side to get data. But Page is not refreshing while getting data from server side.

Right now it is getting data from server side initially and making table using for loop. So I can't apply filter using Jquery datatable inbuilt filter.

To do this totaly using Jquery datatable we need to fetch data initally using ajax datasource and than need to give datasource to datatable.


Scott Tuesday, August 04, 2015 9:17 PM #

no, thats not it at all.  There is NO need to go back to the server to do this search.  It can totally be done within Datatables.  Please rview the llink below.

As I stated in #3 ABOVE, This will NOT post back, but rather just use Javascript to filter the names.


This needs to use OR filtering from the answer within the question from the link.


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