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Scott on 10/7/2015 3:04 PM

Scott on 4/1/2016 3:33 AM


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We need to be able to set quantities of shirts on the shops section.  This project spans two projects. RDN and RDN.Shops.

  1. Go to League > Shops > Add Item
  2. On this page, when the person selects the T-Shirt under Type of Item.
  3. There is a Sizes checkboes that show up.
  4. For each shirt size, a new input box needs to show up that only allows numerical values.
    1. These input boxes will be the quantity of each shirt size.  "Quantity of Size"
    2. Each textbox should be small and not big which would only allow for 3 digits to be entered.
  5. Upon shirt selected, the Quantity in Stock box disapears.
  6. Move Item type and this new feature above Quantity of Stock input.
  7. This same item needs to be put into the Edit Store Item page too.
  8. The database structure for this is as follows.
    1. Create a new table.
    2. Call it ItemStock - RDN_Store_Item_Stocks
    3. In the namespace: RDN.Library.DataModels.Store
    4. Properties
      1. StockItemId - long
      2. Quantity - long
      3. SizeEnum - long
      4. StoreItem - Reference to StoreItem
  9. This also needs to be added to RDN.Shops.
  10. When an item is purchased and its a t-shirt, the item needs to count down in quantity size when the shirt size is bought.



Can you put inventory quantities to each t-shirt size? Or do you have to do a separate entry per item? For example, we'd like to be able to keep track of the fact we have 9 S, 10 M, 15 L, etc. of each shirt. However, I notice there's a chance to input sizes, but not inventory per size. Unless I'm missing it.

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Icatalin Tuesday, February 16, 2016 12:13 AM #

I added XXXLarge but unfortuanlty because now there are 7 sizes I can't use boostrap to align checkboxes with the inputs properly, I have done the best I could ( but I am not really satisfied ;( ) I can do something better but only if I can change the layout for ex put 4 on a row the 3 on a row or use as a table an change the orientation  like

Sizes        Quantity for Size

X-Small      input

Small         input

Medium      input

..... but this will take more space vertically. 

I am open to any other idea.


Scott Friday, February 12, 2016 7:50 PM #

Can you please add the XXX-large shirt into the Add and Edit Views.  It needs to be there.



Scott Wednesday, February 10, 2016 6:37 PM #

please review the comment.

Everything else looks good.  Ill take a look at the XXX-Large issue.



Icatalin Wednesday, February 10, 2016 4:08 PM #

The size XXX-Large is not present in Add new Item and Edit views - in League ,  but it exists in the rest of the logic ( I am telling you this just to be sure that you know about it) 

Also I am not 100% sure about the layout ( checkboxes and input fields ), if you have something different in mind let me know.

Also I wasn't able to test point 9. from the request ( please view the comment) 


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