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Scott on 10/15/2015 8:49 PM

Scott on 11/27/2015 4:27 AM


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We need to add a new page for contacts.  This page will allow you to only view the contact, but not edit it.  So you need to take the Edit Contacts page and create a view only page.

Under League > Contacts 

  1. Create a new page for viewing contacts.
  2. Just like the Edit contact page, you need to add all the same fields from edit contact to view contact.  
  3. You need to take advantage of Bootstrap to view a form.
  4. On the League > Contacts page, create a new button called View on each row of the contacts.  This view button will be blue bootstrap blue. 
    1. The view button will go to the View Page you just created.
  5. You shall use the same url that the Edit page uses, except replacing edit with view.
  6. You need to turn the Edit button on contacts page to bootstrap green instead of blue.
  7. You need to add a new checkbox to the Edit/Add Contact page.
    1. This checkbox will say, "League Members can View Contact"
    2. The checkbox will be automatically be checked when creating a new contact. 
    3. If the value is TRUE, the View button will be shown on League > Contacts row.  If the value is FALSE, the button will not be shown.


Need a view page for league contacts.

Need a checkbox to show if the contact is open to the league members or just the super members.

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