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Scott on 5/7/2018 3:34 PM

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Alright, so it seems we also need to break up our polls into groups.  Start with what you can see in the links section of the site.  How they are broken into groups.  I believe you built that.  I think its also time to build the Polls into groups.

Can you do that? 

  1. Poll permissions should relate to the permissions within the group of the polls.
  2. If a poll is created within a group, then the permissions of that group apply.
    1. Owners and Moderators can create polls.
      1. Both can edit polls.
      2. If a poll is c reated within the group, only the group can see it.
      3. If a poll is created within the group, then only the members of that group can be chosen to be picked.
      4. If a Poll is created outside the groups, then all members of the league can be chosen.
  3. Polls can still be created league wide.
  4. Polls can also be created group wide.
  5. If on the main poll page and I see my groups, only the groups I belong to can I see the names.
    1. If I click on a group name, it is an AJAX refresh to see the polls within the group.
    2. All the buttons apply within thr group setting.
    3. Add
    4. Status / Open / Archived will also apply to the group level.




Sorry to bug you twice in one day, but would it be possible for the 'polls' permission level to be built into specific group owner permissions?  There are many times that team/group 'owners' want to create a poll but we don't want them to have access to the results of all league polls.  If it were incorporated into the group owner role it would be much more useful than the site-wide permission that's currently set up.


Right now teams are getting around this by using facebook messenger polls, but honestly, fb messenger is just the worst way of managing this.  It would be great if the owner of a team/group could create and manage a poll just for the members of their group.

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Scott Tuesday, June 25, 2019 7:24 PM #

With your scenario, 

  1. I believe the poll should iterate through all the members added to the poll, then iterate all the groups members, then add them to a list.  After added toa  list, distinct them, find the non duplicates and then add those members.  So instead of assigning a poll to an entire group, you just assign the poll to the groups members.
  2. Lets ALSO keep track of the poll groups.  Make sure those are added with a relationship in a table.  Then, through those groups, are the members who have permissions based on their group permissions.




Dharmesh Thursday, June 06, 2019 3:48 PM #

I selected below items when I create a new poll

  1. Member1 who belongs to Group1
  2. Member 2 (Doesn't have any group)
  3. Group 1
  4. Group 2


  • How poll should be consider for Member1? Group Wide or League Wide
  • Is it possible to add Member and Group having same member in a poll?
  • How poll should be consider if logged in user exists in multiple groups (Group1 and Group2)? Do I need to display poll in both the groups?

As per my undestanding we can do below things

  • If we have to create poll league wide, we can give option to add all the members of current leaugue in the poll. There will be no selection of group in UI. 
  • If we have to create poll group wise, we can give optionto add groups of current league It will add all the members of selected group. There will be no selection of member in UI. 




If I have selected a Member1 which is belongs to Group1  and I also selected Group1 when I created 


Scott Wednesday, June 05, 2019 12:47 AM #

1. The polls might simply be for a couple members.  Users should be able to select 1 or many members to create polls for.  So please add this back.

2. We should be able to create polls for entire league, entire group or simply just a few members.

3. Your the engineer.  You should try to think this through without breaking things.  If you can't let me know and I can step in.


Dharmesh Saturday, June 01, 2019 6:39 AM #

Scott, I am almost done with this task. I have some of questions/confusions with this task. Can you please reply below queries?

  1. Do we have to keep "Members and Groups" textbox on Create Poll page? I think we don't need to keep there as we are creating poll based on selected Group. If there is no any group selected, it will be league wide. So I have removed it for now.
  2. If we implement poll Group wide and league wide, we can't create poll for specific members as we can do currently. Is it correct?
  3. Currently we can select multiple groups or members when we create a new poll, how can manage existing polls with this new logic? Because we are going to implement poll league and group wide.

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