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Our league just joined up with RD Nation and are getting used to the interface. However, I noticed a few things that aren't working correctly. (My account is under this email address, info@capecodrollerderby.com)
First, as the Owner I cannot delete a dues item (Dues / Edit) from either the active or archived items.
When I click 'Delete Item' I get the pop up dialog box asking if I want to "Remove Dues Item and all Fees Associated?", I click OK, receive the 'Updated Successfully' message at the bottom of the browser but nothing get deleted. This happens in both the main Dues list and the Archived list.
Also, even though I had this Dues setting checked:
Dues Management for Managers Only
Members who are not managers can still see the Total Withstanding and Total Paid of the entire league. I had to assign them to something innocuous (Project Manager) and only then did they only see their total withstanding and paid when they click the Dues menu. (Home / Dues / Yours) But they still could click the 'Dues' breadcrumb link and see Total Withstanding/Paid/Waived for the league. I would suggest adding a 'Member' permission level to assign regular league members who do not need any type of manager function or need to see league totals. It does not seem like I can set this up myself.
If you need further information or screenshots, please let me know.

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