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Scott on 1/29/2019 5:09 PM

Scott on 12/18/2019 1:15 AM


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  1. We need to allow the user to remove their profile picture and delete it from the server.
  2. So go to Profile > Edit
  3. Under the upload button, we need to have a remove button.
  4. Add a new red button with a trash can icon.  With the text "Delete Profile Picture"
    1. On other delete buttons, there is a detele -> Confirm button that shows up after the delte.  This needs to be added.
  5. This will do an ajax post back tot he server and add "IsRemoved" == true.
  6. This will also delete the file from the server.


profile picture should be allowed to be removed.

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Scott Wednesday, June 05, 2019 2:18 AM #

Lets update this to do as facebook does.

See the screen shot.  Put a pencil to the top right of the picture.  Then when clicked, add a button that says Delete Photo

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