Tiny MCE Inserting break points

Scott on 1/7/2016 5:20 AM

Scott on 2/15/2016 5:35 PM


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TinyMCE editor is adding break points into the forum posts.

  1. To recreate, go to League> Forum> Create Post
  2. Create a post with multiple lines and using multiple "Enter" keys.
  3. Save the post.  View the post.
    1. As you can see, the posts text looks pretty bade.
  4. This text needs to look a bit closer together and a bit better looking than what it looks like now.
  5. Please see the attached files.
  6. 1 - Creating a new forum post.  Alignment LOOKS correct.
  7. 2 - Post being saved. Alignment has expanded a bit.  This looks bad.
  8. 3 - Post is being Edited.  This looks even worse and doesn't edit properly.
  9. Please make this look a lot nicer.


tinymce insert break points into forum posts..

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