Remove Table on Edit Comments for Tasks.

Scott on 11/25/2016 5:53 AM

Jesus on 4/14/2020 8:25 PM


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Task Updates

  1. Edit Project
    1. Should be able to edit task name.
    2. Add Task button should be put where the Add Task button is on the View Project screen.
    3. Get rid of the Tasks Header.
    4. Make sure users get notified by email when a task is added to.
    5. Do the same thing for the comments as your doing in the View Project page.
  2. View Project
    1. Remove table on Edit Task.
      1. Have it be a list instead.
      2. Owner of comment should be able to delete
      3. Project Manager should be able to delete comments.
      4. placeholder "comment" on the edit task modal.
      5. Use Comment Bubble on the task edit button instead.
      6. Remove the Add Task button.
    2. If I am project manager, I should be able to see an edit button for the edit project screen.

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