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Scott on 4/25/2015 3:12 AM

Scott on 10/25/2015 5:01 AM


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We need to recreate the Members Table on the League > Calendar > Report under the Export button.

  1. Run a report for 1200 days.
  2. On the members table, we need to recreate this report in the Excel file exactly how it is.
  3. The excel file is already generated with the EXPORT button.
  4. So please add another tab to the Excel file.
    1. The tab should be called Members
    2. The tab should be the first tab in the excel file.
  5. Column A will have the Members Name
    1. Column B will have the First and Last name.
    2. Column C will have the event types.
      1. These event types will be listed under each member
    3. Column D, E, F etc will be the same as the members table on the report.
  6. All collumns in the Members Table shall be listed in the excel file.




Yep. That sounds right! And all I had to do was, for example, see that Suzy attended 13 out of 17 total practices and figure up 13÷17 to see that her attendance was 76%. Easy peasy.


You would like to have a list of the members.

In the next column, you would have the event types.

Then the next column would have the amount of times they showed up to each event type per Checkin Type.


Same thing that shows up on the first page of the report, does that seem correct?


Can you tell me the math you had to do?  I would love to try and automate that math for you too.


Scott Pio


Hi Scott!


I think to me the most important thing I would like to see is being able to separate attendance numbers rather than having every single event lumped into one bucket of points. We have a lot on our calendar and not every single event counts towards attendance the same way. Some things don't count towards roster eligibility at all, some categories you must have attended 70%, while other events only 50% to be roster eligible. So just being able to print a simple list that tells me that Skater Suzy attended 11 of 14 practices, 3 out of 5 fundraising/charity events, 2 of 6 crosstraining, 1 of 4 recreation/team bonding.... so on and so forth. I think that would be most helpful for us. When I was able to print the initial report prior to exporting (before the big update) it was perfect. I just had to do some really simple math and was done! 


Does that make sense?



Hi! I am having some trouble finding the reports to be user friendly. Honestly that is the one thing about the site I have never liked. When exporting a report for attendance I have never found the information provided to be comprehensible or what I actually need for the way that I calculate attendance for my skaters. I'm sure different teams do it differently. I have always just ran the report and printed the page rather than actually exporting to excel and that has worked just fine for me so I've never had a problem. Now that the website has been updated I can no longer just print the web page, it automatically turns into a screen that scrolls laterally when printed therefore I lose all the information that is important to me when the page is printed. Leaving me just writing everything down by hand from the site. I'm not sure if I can be helped here or not to be honest. If I could customize a report to export like you can from the members tab maybe? I don't know really. Everything I need is there when I run the report, then nothing I need when it is exported. I am looking specifically for number of practices attended, number of cross training attended etc. I don't look at the points from every single event and that is all that is available in the exported report. Some events don't get considered for rostering.

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Scott Monday, October 05, 2015 1:45 AM #

Why do you need feedback on this?


Scott Friday, September 25, 2015 9:35 PM #

Need to do two things.  

  1. All Columns should be auto resized.  Find the code, its done within the other excel sheets.
  2. All Points Earned Column, the hours and points are on the same line.  They need to be seperated by rows.  Please looks at the original report.


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